Lilian Sotirov

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The changes in some factors of the innate immunity (phagocytosis, complement, lysozyme); haematological parameters-leukocytes, erythrocytes, differential white blood cell counts, haemoglobin, haematocrit and the serum concentrations of the microelements zinc and iron in six 2- to 3-months-old female piglets after the intravenous administration of(More)
It is known that the pathogenicity of the various Eimeria species in broiler chickens is varied. It may be related to its impact upon lysozyme and complement activities. KHOVANSKIH [4] observed a decrease of lysozyme and properdin plasma levels in chickens infected with E. tenella and E. maxima simultaneously with increased production of IgM and IgG. SUTEU(More)
Infections with E. coli are a common cause of diarrhoea in weaning rabbits. The present study was conducted to evaluate the changes in the blood concentrations of haptoglobin (Hp), ceruloplasmin (Cp) and fibrinogen (Fb) during experimentally induced E. coli infection in weaning rabbits. A total of 18 rabbits, 40-45 days old and weaned at 4 weeks were used:(More)
Four sheep breeds from 3 productive types were included in the study: milk type crossings: Stara Zagora × East-Friesian and (Stara Zagora × East-Friesian) × Black-headed Pleven breed (118 female and 14 male); merino type sheep from the Trakia merino breed (80 female and 9 male); meat type: Ile-de-France breed (107 female) and Charollais breed (107 female).(More)
This investigation aimed to determine whether the C3 complement component in sheep was of a polymorphic nature. The sheep included in this study were the milk type crossings as follows: 25 sheep and 6 rams Stara Zagora × East-Friesian and (Stara Zagora × East-Friesian) × Blackhead Pleven breed; 10 male and 19 female lambs (their progeny) were also included(More)
We used 12 inbred boars from the English Large White breed in this study. The animals were reared in individual boxes. Selenium (Se) in the forage was provided from a preparation of Sel-Plex (Alltech Inc., USA) to a concentration of 0.3 ppm/kg. Semen for analysis was obtained prior to SelPlex administration, and by days 50 and 100 after the supplementation.(More)
Experimental tibial osteotomy was performed in 24 dogs, fixed by either intramedullary (IMO; n = 12) or plate and screw osteosynthesis (PLO; n = 12). Six dogs with IMO and another six with PLO were subjected to daily therapeutic ultrasound therapy at the site of osteotomy for 10 days, starting from the first post-operative day. The other dogs served as(More)
The selection of sheep in order to increase their milk production is a principal goal of animal breeding specialists. In order to fulfil this aim, they are looking for a relationship between various genetic markers and this primary parameter of productivity. PIRISI et al. [13] tested the effects of sheep alpha(s1)-casein CC, CD and DD genotypes on milk(More)
Investigated were a total of 123 birds of the White Leghorn breed and 50 birds of the White Plymouth Rock breed. Preliminary studies were carried out on the LD50 amount of lindane (151 mg/kg body mass) with 6 groups of chickens. The birds were divided into 4 subgroups for each breed. The first subgroup was a control one and was not given lindane, and the(More)
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