Lilian Piron

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In 1976, a cohort survey on the persistence of neutralizing antibodies in children regularly immunized 1 to 4 years earlier with the Sabin attenuated vaccine (OPV) was undertaken in the Venice mainland. Subsequent serological evaluations in the same cohort were carried out in 1983 and 1993. A macroneutralization test using a 1:4 initial serum dilution was(More)
The immunity state to poliovirus types 1, 2, and 3 of a population aged 2 to 75 years was determined by examining 274 sera collected in the Venice mainland (North-East Italy). Altogether, the neutralizing antibody prevalences (at a titre > or = 1:2) for poliovirus 1, 2, and 3 were 99.0 percent (geometrical mean titres [GMT]: 72.1), 99.6 percent (GMT: 95.9)(More)
  • Alessandra Barbana, Fabio Luiz Coracina, Priscila Tavares Musqueiraa, Lilian Piron, Rosaura Saboyaa, Frederico Luiz Dulleya
  • 2014
Introduction: Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is a conduct used to treat some hematologic diseases and to consolidate the treatment of others. In the field of nursing, the few published scientific studies on nursing care and early hospital discharge of transplant patients are deficient. Knowledge about the diseases treated using(More)
A case of type I Arnold-Chiari malformation, with onset of diplopia, without associated medullar alteration, is presented. The symptomatology remained unique and had transitory presentation for many years with negative ophthalmic examinations. Attention is drawn to the great variability of the syndrome's presenting symptoms confirming the importance of MR(More)
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