Lilian Noronha Nassif

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One of the main focuses of Grid computing is solving resource-sharing problems in multi-institutional virtual organizations. In such heterogeneous and distributed environments, selecting the best resource to run a job is a complex task. The solutions currently employed still present numerous challenges and one of them is how to let users know when a job(More)
Grid technology allows resource sharing among several entities, but selecting the best resource to run a specific job remains one of its main problems. The challenges for the best resource selection involve analysis of several factors such as prediction time to run a job, access restriction to resources, and cost to use resources. This paper presents a(More)
Grid computing allows users to locate computing resources and data dynamically during the computation. One of the main challenges in Grid computing is efficient selection of resources for the tasks submitted by users. Resource Selection is the most crucial phase in grid scheduling and resource management. The goal of selection is to identify list of(More)
Deduplication technology, which prevents storage redundancy, is more effective if backup strategies are associated to the input data type. This paper empirically compares a traditional backup environment before and after deduplication implementation. It also analyzes time and space improvements and defines a context-aware taxonomy.