Lilian Huang

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This paper presents a control scheme for the synchronization of chaotic systems when the same chaotic system with the different initial conditions. For a given chaotic system, an adaptive observer-based response can be constructed to synchronize the drive system. Moreover this scheme uses the nonlinear controller which is achieved the global synchronization(More)
This work presents the adaptive synchronization between two different order chaotic systems with unknown parameters. Based on Lyapunov stability theory, a novel adaptive control law and a parameter update rule for unknown parameters are proposed. The proposed scheme can successfully synchronize some typical chaotic systems, such as the hyperchaotic Chen(More)
The paper presents a new stability theorem based on the Lyapunov theory to synchronize fractional-order chaotic system. It can synchronize two different fractional-order chaotic systems in a systematic way avoiding solving equilibrium points and Lyapunov exponents. The proposed controller has simple structure and is designed easily. Two numerical(More)
Fractional order system can accurately describe systems by introducing additional degrees of freedom, but at the same time it increases the difficulty to identify the systems. In this paper, a modified differential evolution(MDE) is proposed, according to the response data of time domain, the rational fitness function is designed to identify the fractional(More)
Generalized synchronization of different chaotic systems is investigated in this letter. Based on output feedback by selecting appropriate constant matrix K, the controller is proposed to control the states of the response system to be those of the drive system even though their orders are different. Two numerical simulation examples: hyper chaotic Chen(More)
Based on observer, an adaptive controller with parameters identification for a class of chaotic systems with unknown parameters is proposed in this paper. The states of chaotic system are successfully estimated by a nonlinear observer with the proposed control and unknown parameters are also to be adapted to their values. Linear matrix inequality (LMI)(More)
In this paper, a new chaotic system is proposed. It also belongs to Lorenz system, which has three parameters and two nonlinear terms, and one of the parameters is the bifurcation parameter. The nonlinear dynamic properties of the system such as strange attractor, the largest Lyapunov index, fractal dimension, spectrum, power spectrum and bifurcation are(More)
In this paper, the model of the weighted NW small-world networks is established when the topology of the network is given. Then the sufficient condition for synchronization in weighted networks is obtained by stability theory and matrix theory under the conditions of the weight is fixed. Moreover, the H-R neurons network is used to verify its feasibility(More)