Lilian Harada

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When data are uniformly distributed, parallel hash-based join algorithm scales up well. However, the presence of data skew can cause load imbalance among the processors, significantly deteriorating its performance. In this paper we propose a dynamic skew handling algorithm which deals with this load imbalance, by detecting and handling join product skews at(More)
Good performance and efficiency, in terms of high quality of service and resource utilization for example, are important goals in a cloud environment. Through extensive measurements of an n-tier application benchmark (RUBBoS), we show that overall system performance is surprisingly sensitive to appropriate allocation of soft resources (e.g., server thread(More)
In this paper we present our experience in applying Event Analyzer, a processing engine we have developed to extract patterns from a sequence of events, in the checking of medical orders of a CPOE system. We present some extensions we have implemented in Event Analyzer in order to fulfill the needs of those orders checking, as well as some performance(More)
Today's fast changing business environment makes high demands on the organizations for timely strategic decisions and business actions. In This work we present Event Analyzer, which is an efficient tool for promptly detecting sequences of business events that require action by decision-makers. Event Analyzer integrates Fujitsu's Interstage Navigator family(More)