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Using differential display analysis, we compared the expression of RNA in v-mos-transformed cells and their flat revertant and isolated a novel gene, drm (down-regulated in mos-transformed cells), whose expression is down-regulated in parental v-mos-transformed cells but which is expressed at a high level in the revertant and normal rat fibroblasts (REF-1(More)
Wnts are secreted signaling molecules that can transduce their signals through several different pathways. Wnt-5a is considered a noncanonical Wnt as it does not signal by stabilizing beta-catenin in many biological systems. We have uncovered a new noncanonical pathway through which Wnt-5a antagonizes the canonical Wnt pathway by promoting the degradation(More)
We have characterized activation of the MAP kinase cascade in an inducible system in response to the temperature-sensitive (ts) expression of the v-mos oncogene. Transformation of immortalized rat embryo fibroblasts by a ts isolate of Moloney murine sarcoma virus (Mo-MuSVts110) constitutively activates MAP kinases (ERK-1 and ERK-2) and MAP kinase kinases(More)
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