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Data warehouses (DW) integrate different data sources in order to give a multidimensional view of them to the decision-maker. To this aim, the ETL (<i>Extraction, Transformation and Load</i>) processes are responsible for extracting data from heterogeneous operational data sources, their transformation (conversion, cleaning, standardization, etc.), and its(More)
In a Data Warehouse (DW), ETL processes (Extraction, Transformation, Load) are responsible for extracting, transforming and loading data from the data sources into the DW. A good design of these processes in the early stages of a DW project is essential to avoid making bad decisions as a result of incorrect data. In this paper, we apply the method of(More)
The use of geographic information has been widely developed around the world especially in the last decade, due in part to the development of communication technologies such as the Internet, mobile devices and the expansion of location-based services, influencing virtually any field of human activity. In recent years there has been a huge proliferation of(More)
The gradual integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the economic activity will allow Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in particular to gain competitive advantages, to improve their processes and productivity and their incomes. However, if the potential for implementing them in daily activities is unknown, this competitive(More)
The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are the foundation for the Administration to achieve lower costs, streamline processes and provide better service to citizens; but above all they allow you to convert the public sector in a driving agent of economic development and innovation of one country, two key factors in times of crisis. However,(More)