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PURPOSE The aim of this in vitro trial was to evaluate and compare the external and internal adaptation of Class II composite and ceramic inlays with scanning electron microscopy after mechanical loading and thermal cycling (fatigue). MATERIALS AND METHODS Standardized cavities were prepared on human third molars with margins extending proximally 1 mm(More)
INTRODUCTION The study aimed at determining excess costs of late-life depression from a societal perspective. Moreover, the impact of recognition of depression by GPs on costs was investigated. METHODS Cross-sectional data were obtained from a large multicenter observational cohort study (AgeMooDe). Participants (n=1197) aged 75 years or older and were(More)
An accurate diagnosis is essential for the management of late-life depression in primary care. This study aims to (1) provide information on the agreement on depression diagnoses between general practitioners (GPs), dimensional tools (Geriatric Depression Scale [GDS], Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale [HADS]) and a categorical tool (Structured Clinical(More)
Turbulent time scales and velocity variances for a convective boundary layer are derived from large eddy simulation spectral data. Spectral peak frequencies obtained from LES data are used directly in expressions that allow establishing such times scales and velocity variances. These turbulent parameters were compared with those provided by experimental(More)