Lilia Maneva-Radicheva

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A series of co-culture experiments between fibroblasts and H-460 human lung carcinoma cells were performed to learn more about the fate of adsorbed type IV collagen (Coll IV). Fibroblasts were able to spatially rearrange Coll IV in a specific linear pattern, similar but not identical to the fibronectin (FN) fibrils. Coll IV partly co-aligns with fibroblast(More)
We studied the effect of some modulators of signal transduction on the erythrocyte Na+/ K+-ATPase. Go6976 and Go6983 (protein kinase C inhibitors) showed a stimulatory effect and calyculin A (protein phosphatase inhibitor) exerted an inhibitory effect on the Na pump activity. Some of the tested modulators of cell-signaling [protein phosphatase(s),(More)
Signal transduction is defined as the transfer of a signal starting from a primary messenger with a ligand that binds to specific receptors on the cell membrane. The signal then reaches the effector molecule(s) through a cascade involving various protein kinases and/or protein phosphatases as well as other molecules such as adaptor proteins, anchoring(More)
Lactoferrin (LF) is an iron-binding glycoprotein and a regulator of cell function with a wide range of biological activities. In our previous studies we reported Lf receptors on erythrocytes. The structure of erythrocyte membrane receptor for Lf is still unknown. The aim of the study is to evaluate the specific binding of Lf to the erythrocytes’ membrane(More)
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