Lilia Georgieva

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This paper investigates the use of hyperresolution as a decision procedure and model builder for guarded formulae. In general hyperresolution is not a decision procedure for the entire guarded fragment. However we show that there are natural fragments which can be decided by hyperresolution. In particular, we prove decidabil-ity of hyperresolution with or(More)
In this paper we define a new clausal class, called BU , which can be decided by hyperresolution with splitting. We also consider the model generation problem for BU and show that hyperresolution plus splitting can also be used as a Herbrand model generation procedure for BU and, furthermore, that the addition of a local minimality test allows us to(More)
This paper describes a number of hyperresolution-based decision procedures for a subfragment of the guarded fragment. We first present a polynomial space decision procedure of optimal worst-case space and time complexity for the fragment under consideration. We then consider minimal model generation procedures which construct all and only minimal Herbrand(More)
The guarded fragment [1] and its extensions and subfragments have often been considered as a framework for investigating the properties of description logics [8, 18]. But there are other decidable fragments which all have in common that they generalise the standard translation of ALC to first-order logic. We provide a short survey of some of these fragments(More)