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A collagen-based extracellular matrix is one defining feature of all Metazoa. The thick sheet-like extracellular matrix (mesoglia) of the diploblast, hydra, has characteristics of both a basement membrane and an interstitial matrix. Several genes associated with mesoglea have been cloned including a basement membrane and fibrillar collagen and an A and B(More)
Moving Object detection and tracking are receiving a growing attention with the development of powerful embedded system, which prodding the pervasive use of surveillance systems. The proposed hybrid algorithm combined simple frame difference(FD) algorithm, simple adaptive background subtraction (BS) algorithm, and accurate Gaussian modeling so as to benefit(More)
This paper introduces a neutral network(NN) based adaptive dynamic inversion flight control system. Super-maneuverable flight control law adapts nonlinear inversion design; on-line learning neural networks are implemented to compensate inversion errors due to modeling error or actuator faults. Simulation results show that through adaptively compensating(More)
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  • Eighth ACIS International Conference on Software…
  • 2007
Query Expansion technology can reduce word mismatch between query and related documents, improve retrieval precision through adding similar or related terms to original query. In the algorithm proposed in this paper, terms or phrases which have closely related sense are added to the original query and express users ' query intention more precisely. This(More)
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