Lili Zhuang

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Multi-species compartment epidemic models, such as the multi-species susceptible–infectious–recovered (SIR) model, are extensions of the classic SIR models, which are used to explore the transient dynamics of pathogens that infect multiple hosts in a large population. In this article, we propose a dynamical Bayesian hierarchical SIR (HSIR) model, to capture(More)
Opportunistic relay selection (ORS) is a promising approach for cooperative communications owing to its low complexity by activating only the best relay. However, in mobile scenarios, the channel state information (CSI) estimated in relay selection may be different from the actual CSI employed in data transmission due to relatively fast varying channels,(More)
In a non-gyro micro inertial measurement unit (NGMIMU), the coupling error reduces the system measurement precision obviously. Based on the definition of the coupling error, a new static decoupling method applied total least squares (TLS) algorithm is proposed. TLS considers not only the error of accelerometer output, but also the calibrating error of the(More)
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