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Purpose: Various information technologies have been designed to assist with the resource management of distribution centres in a typical supply chain. But the humanitarian distribution centre has its own characteristics including hybrid freight types (food, medicine and general living goods, as well as a need to track rescue equipment, vehicles and on-site(More)
— In this paper, we consider the problem of non-parametric estimation of network flow characteristics, namely packet lengths and byte sizes, based on sampled flow data. We propose two different approaches to deal with the problem at hand. The first one is based on single stage Bernoulli sampling of packets and their corresponding byte sizes. Subsequently,(More)
This paper investigates an approach of integrating software with a minimum risk using Genetic Algorithms (GA). The problem was initially proposed by the need of sharing common software components among various departments within a same organization. Two significant contributions have been made in this study: (1) an assimilation exchange based software(More)
—One of the major challenges in Internet-based control systems is how to overcome the Internet transmission delay. In this paper, we investigate the potential of using the multirate control scheme and the time-delay compensation to overcome the Internet transmission delay. A two-level hierarchy is used for the Internet-based control systems. At the lower(More)