Lili Valkó

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BACKGROUND Patients with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) exhibit difficulties in multiple attentional functions. Although high heritability rates suggest a strong genetic impact, aetiological pathways from genes and environmental factors to the ADHD phenotype are not well understood. Tracking the time course of deviant task processing using(More)
A simple known model of calcium inactivation is described and qualitatively analysed. Stability conditions at the level of a stationary state with respect to some small perturbations in the concentration of Ca2+ ions are analysed from the point of view of the Prigogine non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Possible internal fluctuations in Ca2+ ion concentration(More)
INTRODUCTION Quality of life and psychosocial functioning are considered important factors both in psychiatric and psychotherapeutic rehabilitation; similarly they are useful outcome measures in prospective studies. In this paper we present a retrospective study conducted with patients treated in Thalassa Haz Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic Rehabilitation(More)
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