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In order to mimic complex real-life systems, in this paper, we propose evolving small-world networks based on the modified BA model. In the process of network evolution, the links among the new nodes at each time step are involved, which is different from the classic BA model. The simulation results show our model exhibits the small-world property and the(More)
Decision-makers in emergencies usually need supports of background knowledge and information for decision-making support. Emergency documentation can partially provide such supports through its effective reorganization according to various incident scenarios. This paper aims at constructing emergency ontology to support decision-making directly from such(More)
I error learning m e he conthe Lyapbnov function concerning with the :sampling time hay& been found out, but the the change of the and the relationship bet,ween its rning rate for each times of learn. Therefore, in the past, to speed process, the learning rate is chosen gh trial and error or in experiencelg’. ere are few research works considering the(More)
How to measure node importance or find out the important node in the network has been a fundamental issue. However, since most of the existing centrality measures only take one criterion into account, they couldn't capture the specific differences among nodes and isn't in accordance with the actual circumstances. Hence, in this paper, we propose a new(More)