Lili Hu

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Most existing animal models for stress involve the simultaneous application of physical and psychological stress factors. In the current study, we described and used a novel psychological stress model (scream sound stress). To study the validity of it, we carried out acute and chronic scream sound stress. First, adult Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were randomly(More)
Let K k , C k , T k , and P k denote a complete graph on k vertices, a cycle on k vertices, a tree on k + 1 vertices, and a path on k + 1 vertices, respectively. Let K m − H be the graph obtained from K m by removing the edges set E(H) of the graph H (H is a subgraph of K m). A sequence S is potentially K m − H-graphical if it has a realization containing a(More)
MicroRNAs are regulators that can play an essential role in tumorigenesis. Although miR-302 families have been suggested to be tumor repressors in human cancer, the mechanism by which they suppress tumor development remains to be defined. In this study, we discover that miR302b suppresses tumor proliferation may due to directly targeting EGFR in human(More)
Evidence is emerging that plant-parasitic nematodes can secrete effectors to interfere with the host immune response, but it remains unknown how these effectors can conquer host immune responses. Here, we depict a novel effector, MjTTL5, that could suppress plant immune response. Immunolocalization and transcriptional analyses showed that MjTTL5 is(More)
This work reports the enhanced emission at 2.7 µm in Er 3+ /Ho 3+-codoped fluorotellurite glass upon a conventional 980 nm laser diode. The significantly reduced green upconversion and 1.5 µm emission intensity in Er 3+ /Ho 3+-codoped samples are observed. The results suggest that the Er 3+ : 4 I 13/2 state can be efficiently depopulated via energy transfer(More)
Stress plays a profound role in the onset of affective disorders, including an elevation in risk factors for depression and anxiety. Women are twice as vulnerable to stress as men because of greater sensitivity to a substance produced during times of anxiety. To better define the abnormal proteins implicated in cognitive deficits and other stress-induced(More)
Lake Taihu is the third-largest freshwater lake in China and has been suffering from cyanobacterial blooms for over two decades. The northern part of the lake, Meiliang Bay, is known to be at high risk of dense and sustained Microcystis blooms and toxins. This study aimed to investigate and record the annual and seasonal dynamics of toxic genotype,(More)