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Considerable attentions have been devoted recently to active vibration control using intelligent materials as sensors/actuators. This paper presents results on active control schemes for vibration suppression of flexible cantilever beam with bonded piezoelectric sensors and actuators. State equations which the generalized modal coordinates as variables are(More)
The study of the applications of piezoelectric materials in the active vibration control of flexible structures has been ongoing for more than a decade. Based on the Linear Quadratic Gauss (LQG) optimal control method, the paper introduces an effective procedure to suppress the vibration of flexible structures with the sensors/actuators are symmetrically(More)
Actuators formed from piezoelectric ceramics were embedded in truss rods to make up active rods. The paper used mechanical knowledge, static stiffness method and the finite element method to analyze the active rod and the smart truss structure and then model them. In order to solve the difficult problem of number optimization, the paper put forward the(More)
Flexible structures with surface bounded or embedded piezoelectric ceramic patches have received much attention in active vibration control of structures in recent years. The paper studies the ∞ H robust active control strategy of the vibration system for the flexible cantilever beam. The model of the system is built by the application of ANSYS software,(More)
The mathematic model of a two-bar truss is built in MATLAB and the analysis is carried out by the genetic algorithm toolbox. In order to compare with each other, the parametric model of the planar truss is also established by the ANSYS Parametric Design Language and solutions are obtained using the first-order method native to ANSYS. The comparison of the(More)
Based on the linear quadratic Gauss (LQG) optimal control method, the paper introduces an effective procedure to suppress the vibration of flexible structures with the sensors/actuators are symmetrically collocated on both sides of the same position on the host structure. The model of a piezoelectric intelligent cantilever beam is built by the application(More)
The combination of ANSYS and ADAMS can improve the precision of system simulation. In this paper, first, a cable-stayed space truss, consisting of stay cables, columns, and the space truss, is built in ANSYS. Second, the modal neutral file (mnf) needed in ADAMS is generated by executing the macro command “ADAMS” and then imported into ADAMS(More)
Because of the deficiency existing in both zero-order algorithm and first-order algorithm of ANSYS, this paper presents an improved method combining with both algorithms. Firstly, the zero-order algorithm is adopted to confirm the approximate location of the optimal solution, which will not be trapped into local optimum solutions. Secondly, the first-order(More)
This paper demonstrates an active vibration control system of flexible structures by using piezoelectric sensors and actuators. A set of vibration control equations, sensing equations and actuating equations are derived through using the modal theory for piezoelectric flexible structures, then the model is converted into the state space form. With recent(More)
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