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We propose a parallel MAX-MIN Ant System (MMAS) algorithm that is suitable for an implementation on graphics processing units (GPUs). Multi ant colonies with respective parameter settings are whole offloaded to the GPU in parallel. We have implemented this GPU-based MMAS on the GPU with compute unified device architecture (CUDA). Some performance(More)
The Smart Home is based on the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and Embedded System (ES). The most important parts of the Smart Home are low-power and high-security. And it is very vulnerable to various attacks ether an active or passive one in WSN. We shed light upon some existing security flaws in W2 and ZigBee. Some are quite useful to defend the various(More)
LBS provide users with highly personalised information accessible by means of a variety of mobile devices that are able to locate themselves. Nevertheless, the wide deployment of LBS can jeopardise the privacy of their users, so ensuring user privacy is paramount to the success of those services. This article focuses on finding a new safe and efficient(More)
The trend in the information area is to provide integrated access to diverse and dynamic information sources. We present a modeling and architectural solution to the problem of data integration from heterogeneous data sources based on the use of wrappers and mediators. The mediator supports integrated query processing by the semantic mapping between the(More)
For the limitation of current workflow delegation models, a conditional delegation model based on weighted roles for workflow is proposed. For the model, it is supporting conditional partial delegation by adding weights to roles and importing variables in workflow tasks. The role delegation tree is defined to address the multi-step delegation issue, and the(More)
Energy is a limited resource in wireless sensors networks. One kind of digital wireless gas node with low power consumption is designed and implemented, the main point of energy saving technology is advanced and the design of each model is given in details. With analysis and computation of the energy consumption of real gas node, the following conclusion is(More)
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