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Postacquisition denoising of magnetic resonance (MR) images is of importance for clinical diagnosis and computerized analysis, such as tissue classification and segmentation. It has been shown that the noise in MR magnitude images follows a Rician distribution, which is signal-dependent when signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is low. It is particularly difficult(More)
Perfusion imaging is a useful adjunct to anatomic imaging in numerous diagnostic and therapy-monitoring settings. One approach to perfusion imaging is to assume a convolution relationship between a local arterial input function and the tissue enhancement profile of the region of interest via a "residue function" and subsequently solve for this residue(More)
Data analysis is critical to many (if not a ll) Homeland Security missions. Data to be fielded in this domain is typically immense in cardinality (number of records) and immense in dimensionality (features per record). Random Projections (RP) have been proposed as an effective technique for embedding a metric space of dimension d into one of dimension k(More)
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