Lili Cafarella

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Some of the most interesting features of the geomagnetic field and its time variations are displayed in polar areas. Observatory monthly means usually provide an excellent opportunity to study the temporal changes of the magnetic field at a given location. Unfortunately, on the Antarctic continent the distribution of the permanent groundbased observatories(More)
Retained gallstones are considered a complication of cholecystectomies. If stones can be removed using minimally invasive procedures (i.e., laparoscopically), patients' recovery time may decrease and satisfaction may increase. Correct and immediate diagnosis of this complication at the time of the procedure often is the determining factor between patients'(More)
We conduct an analysis of the geomagnetic field variations recorded at the new Antarctic station Dome C, located very close to the geomagnetic pole, which has been operating for approximately one month during the 1999–2000 campaign. We also perform a comparison with simultaneous measurements at the Italian Antarctic station Terra Nova Bay, in order to(More)
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