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The identification of effective components on the atomic scale in carbon nanomaterials which improve the performance in various applications remains outstanding challenges. Here the catalyst residues in individual carbon nanotube (CNT) and carbon nanofiber (CNF) were clearly imaged with a concurrent characterization of their electronic structure by(More)
The proliferation of new malware in recent years has presented a serious security threat to our society. Research shows that variants of some known ones take a large amount of new malware, so one of the challenges in malware detection is how to find the similarities between known malware and its variants. Since API(Application Programming(More)
Multi-source binary translation system (MBT) provides a multi-source platform code to a single target platform migration solution. Do not know the source code, you can achieve the multi-source platform, multi-compiled version of the executable file on another platform. In order to achieve the special semantic mapping function of the MBT system, the need for(More)
Gene expression analysis has shown particular promise for the identification of molecular biomarkers that can be used for further evaluation of potential toxicity of chemicals present in agricultural soil. In the study, we focused on the development of molecular markers to detect Pb toxicity in agricultural soil. Using the results obtained from microarray(More)
Malware is rapidly becoming a major security issue. In order to avoid being analyzed statically, malwares resort to various obfuscation techniques to hide their malicious behaviors. The technique based on the exception return of subroutine is one of the techniques. Currently disassemblers couldn't deal with malware which uses this technique. This paper(More)
Indirect jump has been widely adopted in implementing multi-way branches due to its flexibility of jump targets, which makes it difficult to carry out reverse analysis of binary. To deal with this, the traditional approach is to summarize characteristics how compilers generate instructions, using the corresponding pattern to match and process. However, it(More)
The main popular vectorization methods for the SIMD extension dig the parallelism of the programs relying on the compiler's data dependence analysis. But the data dependence analysis can not deal with the non-structured control flow statements. Therefore, the up-to-date compilers are extremely limited to vectorize these statements. Here is a vectorization(More)
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