Lilac Al-Safadi

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  • Lilac Al-Safadi, Mai Al-Badrani, Meshael Al-Junidey, Semantic Web, Ontology Engineering
  • 2011
The ability to search for content on the Internet has proven to be essential for many. However, available search engines supporting Arabic language are typically limited to keyword searches and do not take in consideration the underlying semantics of the content. Semantic search engines provide searching and retrieving resources conceptually related to the(More)
This study describes the design of a real-time interactive multimedia teleradiology system and assesses how the system is used by referring physicians in point-of-care situations and supports or hinders aspects of physician-radiologist interaction. We developed a real-time multimedia teleradiology management system that automates the transfer of images and(More)
With the emergence of professional online communities, professionals in the radiology field needed such technology to discuss and share radiographic images between each other. As medical communities rise, they suffer from semantic gap in the process of retrieving radiographic images. This paper presents The Radiologists Lounge, a professional online(More)
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