Likun Shi

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Using symmetric 112Sn+112Sn, 124Sn+124Sn collisions as references, we probe isospin diffusion in peripheral asymmetric 112Sn+124Sn, 124Sn+112Sn systems at an incident energy of E/A=50 MeV. Isoscaling analyses imply that the quasiprojectile and quasitarget in these collisions do not achieve isospin equilibrium, permitting an assessment of isospin transport(More)
The Authors neglected to cite previous studies related to the existence of intersubband spin-orbit coupling and the use of intersubband spin-orbit coupling to create topological insulator in double quantum wells with antidote lattices. The additional references are listed below as references 1 and 2, and should appear in the text as below. In the(More)
Based on the Born-Oppemheimer approximation, we divide the total electron Hamiltonian in a spin-orbit coupled system into the slow orbital motion and the fast interband transition processes. We find that the fast motion induces a gauge field on the slow orbital motion, perpendicular to the electron momentum, inducing a topological phase. From this general(More)
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