Likith V Reddy

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Skull base approaches play a fundamental role in modern neurosurgery by reducing surgical morbidity. Increasing experience has allowed surgeons to perform minimally invasive approaches without straying from the premises of skull base surgery. The eyelid approach has evolved from the orbitopterional osteotomy into a more effective and targeted approach to(More)
The range of facial deformities is enormous. All produce some degree of disfigurement and result in the impairment of function to some degree, sometimes even to the point of incompatibility with life. Congenital facial defects in India are associated with considerable superstition, social rejection, and failure to integrate into society.In India, cleft(More)
BACKGROUND No one technique of cleft lip repair consistently produces ideal aesthetic and functional results. This study was carried out in a developing, high-volume center. It compares outcomes attained using two different designs of skin incision used for primary closure of unilateral complete cleft lip and sought to identify the most appropriate(More)
PURPOSE This article reviews the results of reconstruction of surface defects of the auricle after removal of skin cancer, and discusses the results of the delayed reconstruction method of care and modalities of treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifty-four patients with 62 defects involving various locations on the auricle were treated. Management included(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to compare the clinical outcomes of two techniques to repair complete bilateral cleft lip by using indirect two-dimensional photographic analysis. METHODS One hundred eight bilateral cleft patients were included in this study, 54 patients operated on with the Millard technique and 54 patients operated on with the(More)
Social groups are considered as a group of people, an organization or social individuals which are connected by social relations such as friendships, cooperative relations or informative exchange In web based cooperative environment, peer to peer inter action often suffers from difficulty due to lack of exploring useful social interaction information, so(More)