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Black phosphorus field-effect transistors.
Two-dimensional crystals have emerged as a class of materials that may impact future electronic technologies. Experimentally identifying and characterizing new functional two-dimensional materials is
Direct observation of the layer-dependent electronic structure in phosphorene.
It is experimentally demonstrated that the electronic structure of few-layer phosphorene varies significantly with the number of layers, in good agreement with theoretical predictions, and the interband optical transitions cover a wide, technologically important spectral range.
Quantum Hall effect in black phosphorus two-dimensional electron system.
The observation of the integer quantum Hall effect in a high-quality black phosphorus 2DES is reported, and important information on the energetics of the spin-split Landau levels in black phosphorus is gained.
Micro-optical fabrication by ultraprecision diamond machining and precision molding
Ultraprecision diamond machining and high volume molding for affordable high precision high performance optical elements are becoming a viable process in optical industry for low cost high quality
Quantum oscillations in a two-dimensional electron gas in black phosphorus thin films.
The results, coupled with the fact that black phosphorus possesses anisotropic energy bands with a tunable, direct bandgap, distinguish black phosphorus 2DEG as a system with unique electronic and optoelectronic properties.
A hybrid polymer-glass achromatic microlens array fabricated by compression molding
This paper presents the feasibility of creating a hybrid polymer–glass achromatic microlens array by compression molding. This affordable and high precision microlens array design has potential
Strain-Modulated Bandgap and Piezo-Resistive Effect in Black Phosphorus Field-Effect Transistors.
The strain-modulated bandgap significantly alters the density of thermally activated carriers and opens up opportunities for future development of electromechanical transducers based on black phosphorus, and an ultrasensitive strain gauge constructed from black phosphorus thin crystals are demonstrated.
Bulk metallic glass mold for high volume fabrication of micro optics
Suitable mold materials are critical for successful high volume replication of micro optical components. As one of the emerging new materials, bulk metallic glass (BMG) can serve as high-quality mold
Development of a low cost high precision fabrication process for glass hybrid aspherical diffractive lenses
The hybrid aspherical diffractive singlet achromat design can be used to reduce chromatic aberration in compact optical systems. In this paper, the development of a compression molded, low cost and
An affordable injection-molded precision hybrid glass–polymer achromatic lens
This paper describes the development of an affordable precision hybrid glass–polymer achromatic doublet fabricated by microinjection molding. This hybrid lens can be used to correct chromatic