Lijun Liu

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This letter presents a unified convergence analysis of the split-complex nonlinear gradient descent (SCNGD) learning algorithms for complex-valued recurrent neural networks, covering three classes of SCNGD algorithms: standard SCNGD, normalized SCNGD, and adaptive normalized SCNGD. We prove that if the activation functions are of split-complex type and some(More)
Multiple instance learning (MIL) has been studied actively in recent years. However, it is facing a computational challenge due to the large scale of data volume. Parallel computing is a good way of overcoming the computational challenge. In this paper, we propose a new MIL method based on a MIL back-propagation neural network (MIBP), which is an extension(More)
The real virtue of a wireless sensor network is the fact that it is a new sensing paradigm offering distributed data processing capacity, which can be used for structural health monitoring. For this purpose, a smart wireless sensor network is established for autonomous structural damage detection in this paper. The designed wireless sensor network has a(More)