Lijun Hang

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—In the last years, the use of distributed uninterrupt-ible power supply (UPS) systems has been growing into the market , becoming an alternative to large conventional UPS systems. In addition, with the increasing interest in renewable energy integration and distributed generation, distributed UPS systems can be a suitable solution for storage energy in(More)
—Unbalanced grids introduce performance deterioration for the Vienna rectifier topology by producing twice fundamental frequency ripple in the dc-link voltage and input active/reactive power. A traditional control strategy is the input current tracking scheme, which can work under any unbalanced conditions, but it cannot eliminate the input power ripple and(More)
—This paper proposes a new family of three-switch three-state single-phase Z-source inverters (TSTS-ZSIs) that can be classified into two groups, boost-based TSTS-ZSI and buck– boost-based TSTS-ZSI, according to the step-up circuit. All of the topologies have the merits of buck–boost capability and low voltage stress, and some of them have the feature of(More)
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