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We have developed a simulation model that accepts instructions in unconstrained natural language, and then guides a robot to the correct destination. The instructions are segmented on the basis of the actions to be taken, and each segment is labeled with the required action. This flat formulation reduces the problem to a sequential labeling task, to which(More)
To develop a computer-aided diagnostic scheme of the CT in the diagnosis of lung cancer based on artificial neural networks (ANN) to assist radiologists in distinguishing malignant from benign pulmonary nodules. 117 CT images of pulmonary nodules (58 benign and 59 malignant) were analyzed. 21 CT radiological features of each case were carefully selected and(More)
In this paper, we present a new method for estimating object pose from 2-D to 3-D straight line correspondences. This method can get the closed-form solution of object pose with respect to the camera from three Z-like lines. The advantage of this method is that it can compute object pose more quickly than iterative method because it avoids the iterative(More)
OBJECTIVE Chronic respiratory inflammation has been associated with lung cancer. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) play a critical role in the formation of inflammation microenvironment. We sought to characterize the role of TAMs in coal tar pitch extract (CTPE)-induced tumorigenic transformation of human bronchial epithelial cells and the underlying(More)
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are studied for the design of advanced nanocomposite membranes, primarily due to their ultrahigh surface area, regular and highly tunable pore structures, and favorable polymer affinity. However, the development of engineered MOF-based membranes for water treatment lags behind. Here, thin-film nanocomposite (TFN) membranes(More)
PROBLEM Tumor necrosis factor-like weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK)/fibroblast growth factor-inducible 14 (Fn14) interactions affect the regulation of cytotoxic/immunotrophic pathways that are themselves under control of IL-18. The effect of Fn14 on regulation of endometrium IL-18 expression, however, remains unclear. METHOD AND STUDY The aim was to(More)
In order to study the relation between structure and behaviors of networks, an evolutionary model of reply networks on Bulletin Board System (BBS) is proposed in this paper. With the theories of scale-free model, we built the Barabási-Albert (BA) model on the directed network for the characteristics of reply network. Comparing the results of BA model(More)
Organized arrays of halloysite clay nanotubes have great potential in molecular separation, absorption, and biomedical applications. A highly oriented layer of halloysite on polyacrylonitrile porous membrane was prepared via a facile evaporation-induced method. Scanning electronic microscopy, surface attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared(More)