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  • M. Barreiroa, P. Changa, L. Jia, R. Saravananb, A. Gianninic
  • 2005
The dynamical processes that contribute to the seasonal prediction of the tropical Atlantic sea-surface temperature (SST) anomalies from boreal winter into spring are explored with an atmospheric general circulation model coupled to a slab ocean. Taking advantage of the reduced-physics model that effectively isolates thermodynamic feedbacks from dynamic(More)
A low-cost adsorbent had been prepared by carbonizing walnut shells using zinc chloride as an activating agent and study had been made to explore the possibility of the absorbent for liquid phase adsorptive removal of ammonia nitrogen (NH<inf>3</inf>-N). The operation factors, such as carbonization time, pH values of solution, the initial concentration of(More)
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