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This paper describes a novel Bacterial Foraging Optimization (BFO) approach to multi-objective optimization, called Multi-objective Bacterial Foraging Optimization (MBFO). The objectives in the Multi-objective Bacterial Foraging Optimization are maintained by a fitness survive mechanism. Bacteria with the smaller health values have the better chance to(More)
In this paper, a new discrete artificial bee colony algorithm is used to solve the symmetric traveling salesman problem (TSP). The concept of Swap Operator has been introduced to the original artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm which can help the bees to generate a better candidate tour by greedy selection. By taken six typical TSP instances as examples,(More)
Inertia weight is a most important parameter of particle swarm optimization (PSO), which can keep a right balance between the global search and local search. In this paper, a novel PSO with non-linear inertia weight based on the tangent function is provided. The paper also presents the method of determining a control parameter in our proposed method, saving(More)
The Integrated Yard Truck Scheduling and Storage Allocation Problem (YTS-SAP) is one of the major optimization problems in container port which minimizes the total delay for all containers. To deal with this NP-hard scheduling problem, standard particle swarm optimization (SPSO) and a local version PSO (LPSO) are developed to obtain the optimal solutions.(More)