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Functionalized fullerenes with specific physicochemical properties have been developed for cancer diagnosis and therapy. Notably, metallofullerene is a new class of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast-enhancing agent, and may have promising applications for clinical diagnosis. Polyhydroxylated and carboxyl fullerenes have been applied to photoacoustic(More)
Facial paralysis can be on one or both sides of face and one side is much more common. This disease can impose significant psychological and functional impairment to patients. Traditionally, patients with facial paralysis are evaluated and examined by physicians based on manually measurement of certain difference between the two facial sides. In this paper,(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe an individual with recurrent respiratory papillomatosis that extended into the lung parenchyma and underwent malignant transformation and to discuss the characteristic imaging findings associated with this condition. METHODS The clinical presentation of an individual with this unusual malignant transformation was reviewed. A(More)
Facial paralysis is a disease that affects the movement of one side of the face. This cause the disfigurement of face and difficulties in activities like eating, drinking, expressing and conversing. Reliable, quantitative and objective methods of evaluating the facial paralysis will be a precious tool for physicians to treat the patient with present(More)
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