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Previous studies have shown modular structures in PPI (protein-protein interaction) networks. More recently, many genome and metagenome investigations have focused on identifying modules in PPI networks. However, most of the existing methods are insufficient when applied to networks with overlapping modular structures. In our study, we describe a novel(More)
Mitochondrial dysfunction is involved in the pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Resveratrol has been demonstrated to be beneficial for the recovery of kidney diseases. In this study, the 5/6 nephrectomized rat was used as a CKD model and the TGF-β1-exposed mouse mesangial cells were used as an in vitro model. Pathological examination showed that(More)
Herbal Fructus Corni is a folk medicine with a long history of safe use for treating osteoporosis in postmenopausal women or elderly men in Asia. Sweroside is a bioactive herbal ingredient isolated from Fructus Corni, which has been widely used for the treatment of osteoporosis in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Unfortunately, the working mechanisms of(More)
In order to screen the active constituents of Vaccinium vitis-idaea L., the compounds absorbed into the rat blood after oral administration of ethanol extract of the stems and leaves of V. vitis-idaea (EEV) have been analyzed. Two compounds were detected in the plasma and identified as arbutin and fraxin, which are originally existed in the crude drug.(More)
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (LW) has been used as an active Chinese patent formula for “Five Late Syndrome” of Children for thousands of years. Due to the complexity in its chemical constituents, the pharmacokinetics of this formula have not been elucidated clearly, and the understanding of its pharmacological properties has been delayed. Previous studies have(More)
This paper proposes an optical voltage sensor (OVS) with a dual-crystal structure for eliminating the impacts of linear birefringence in sensing crystal, which is induced by thermal gradients and pressure on a crystal surface. First, the configuration and the principle of the linear birefringence-free OVS are introduced. Second, the effectiveness of the(More)
A fiber-optic intrinsic distributed acoustic emission (AE) sensor is proposed. By measuring the time delay of two signals from two Mach-Zehnder interferometers, the location of AE can be deduced, and the corresponding sensor is experimentally verified to be feasible with a 206 m average location error in a 20 km sensing range, which shows that this proposed(More)
The design principle exploiting the geometric rotation effect for the sensing coil of the fiber-optic current sensor (FOCS) on the basis of the polarization-rotated reflection interferometer is investigated. The sensing coil is formed by winding the low birefringence single-mode optical fiber in a toroidal spiral. The effects of the linear birefringence on(More)
This paper investigates the influences of laser source on distributed intrusion sensor based on a phase-sensitivity optical time-domain reflectometer (φ-OTDR). A numerical simulation is performed to illustrate the relationships between trace-to-trace fluctuations and frequency drift rate as well as pulse width, and fluctuations ratio coefficient (FRC) is(More)