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Previous studies have shown modular structures in PPI (protein-protein interaction) networks. More recently, many genome and metagenome investigations have focused on identifying modules in PPI networks. However, most of the existing methods are insufficient when applied to networks with overlapping modular structures. In our study, we describe a novel(More)
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (LW) has been used as an active Chinese patent formula for “Five Late Syndrome” of Children for thousands of years. Due to the complexity in its chemical constituents, the pharmacokinetics of this formula have not been elucidated clearly, and the understanding of its pharmacological properties has been delayed. Previous studies have(More)
Ghost imaging has attracted a lot of attention since it was first demonstrated. However, the image contrasts of ghost imaging are usually unsatisfying and have became a main obstacle in ghost imaging application. In this article, the contrast of ghost image of a single-slit transmission mask using linearly polarized light is analyzed. The theoretical(More)
This paper reviews the development of the optical current sensor (OCS). OCSs based on different schemes are presented and introduced in detail. Principles and configurations are described to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of each type. The development situations of each kind of OCSs are analyzed. Existing problems are discussed while related(More)
Literatur [1] Jieyue He, Chaojun Li, Baoliu Ye, and Wei Zhong. Efficient and accurate greedy search methods for mining functional modules in protein interaction networks. Mining the unknown: a systems approach to metabolite identification combining genetic and metabolic information. Aufgabe 2 (5 Punkte): Schreibt eine etwa einseitige Zusammenfassung (d. h.(More)
Given recent investigations of gene regulatory networks, an increasing amount of attention is focused on the nonlinearity and randomness in these networks. It has always been assumed that gene regulation is a random process with Gaussian white noise. However, in practice, there is no ideal white noise; therefore results obtained from a model with white(More)
In this paper, a DWT-based video watermark algorithm has been proposed to carry on three-DWT to the video frame after the scene analysis, the using of genetic algorithm to insert the watermark image that has-been scrambled by Arnold scrambling algorithm ensures the hidden data visually invisibility. Blind watermark algorithm is used when it extracts(More)
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