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Online evaluation of battery State of Function (SOF) is crucial for battery management systems of autonomous mobile robots. Battery State of Charge (SOC) represents its remaining energy available, whereas internal resistance and capacity reflect its State of Health (SOH). In this paper, an improved equivalent circuit model is proposed to estimate SOC,(More)
One arm is hung on the overhead ground wires (OGWs), while the other arm is off the OGW when an inspection robot autonomously negotiates obstacles on OGWs. The inspection robot's body tilts because the gravity torque is unbalanced, and it is difficult to negotiate obstacles autonomously. If the horizontal pose of the body is kept through the gripping(More)
Inspection robot with dual wheels encounters upslope and down slope, when it runs on the overhead ground wires (OGWs) which displays catenary shape. The tilt of the body of inspection robot, which is caused by the angle variation of catenary in different position, will occur during running procedure, and disenable to check vertically the transmission lines(More)
In this paper, a simplified battery model and a closed-loop estimation method of the state of charge (SOC) are proposed. The simplified battery model consists only of two resistors and two capacitors, based on which a sliding mode observer is designed to compensate modeling errors when the SOC is estimated. The proposed method can overcome the drawbacks of(More)
In adaptive observer methods for actuator fault estimation, the system has to satisfy the condition of the Strictly Positive Realness (SPR). However, some practical systems may fail to satisfy the SPR condition. This paper proposes two methods for actuator fault estimation without the need of the SPR condition, based on the adaptive observer technique with(More)
In this paper, a battery state of charge (SOC) estimation method based on the extended Kalman filter is proposed. In some known battery SOC estimation methods, it is assumed that the relationship between battery open circuit voltage and SOC is linear and static. However, this relationship is only piece wisely linear in practice and varies with the ambient(More)
This paper presents an obstacle navigation strategy for a wire-suspend robot for power transmission lines based on a novel movement mechanism. The kinematics of the mobile robot and the process of obstacle navigation control are analyzed in detail. A realtime expert system with hybrid architecture C language integrated production system (CLIPS) is described(More)
This paper presents an obstacle-navigation control strategy for a mobile robot suspended on overhead ground wires of power transmission lines based on a novel movement mechanism. The kinematics of the mobile robot and the process of obstacle-navigation control are analyzed in detail. This paper presents to develop robot expert system using hybrid(More)