Lijie Yin

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B7H1 (PDL1) and B7DC (PDL2) are two new members of the B7 family that can interact with PD-1, a putative negative regulator for immune function. Recent studies have provided evidence for inhibitory functions of both members via PD-1. Meanwhile, compelling evidence exists for costimulatory function of both members. Here we demonstrate that expression of B7DC(More)
It has been demonstrated that the development of NKT cells requires CD1d. The contribution of costimulatory molecules in this process has not been studied. Here we show that in mice with targeted mutations of B7-1/2 and CD28, the TCRbeta(+)alpha-Galcer/CD1d(+) (iValpha14 NKT) subset is significantly reduced in the thymus, spleen and liver. This is mainly(More)
There are few detailed descriptions of parturition behavior in wild primates. Here we report for the first time birth-related behaviors in a highly endangered colobine monkey endemic to southwest China, the white-headed langur (Trachypithecus leucocephalus). We video recorded three complete birth events in three parturient females living in one reproductive(More)
The task scheduling of real-time tasks request is an important component of survivability system. In survivability system, how to schedule real-time tasks to meet the needs of various services at different levels is one of the important topics in survivability research. A task scheduling algorithm is proposed based on optimization decision theory of(More)
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