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The development of the gut is controlled and modulated by different interacting mechanisms, such as genetic endowment, intrinsic biological regulatory functions, environment influences and last but no least, the diet influence. In this work, we compared the fecal microbiota of breast-fed (BF), formula-fed (FF), and mixed-fed (MF) infants from Hebei(More)
The major objective of the present study is to change the alanine production of Lactic acid bacteria by expression of Bacillus subtilis (natto) alanine dehydrogenase (AlaDH), the gene that is not present in Lactic acid. B. subtilis AlaDH gene (ald) was cloned into a pGEX6p-1 and expressed in E. coli JM109. Its enzyme activity was 48.3U/mg at 30 degrees C(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the probiotic properties of Enterococcus strains isolated from traditional naturally fermented cream in China. Four Enterococcus isolates showed high cholesterol removal ability in media were identified as Enterococcus durans (KLDS 6.0930 and 6.0933) and Enterococcus faecalis (KLDS 6.0934 and 6.0935) by 16S rRNA and(More)
The gastrointestinal microbiota plays a crucial role in the health and disease of the host through its impact on nutrition. Gut microbial composition is related to different diets, but an association of microbiota with different diets in infant has not yet been shown. In this work, we compared the fecal microbiota of breast-fed (BF) and formula-fed infants(More)
Lactococcus lactis can undergo respiration when hemin is added to an aerobic culture. The most distinctive feature of lactococcal respiration is that lactate could be consumed in the stationary phase concomitantly with the rapid accumulation of diacetyl and acetoin. However, the enzyme responsible for lactate utilization in this process has not yet been(More)
BACKGROUND Bovine beta-lactoglobulin is one of the first foreign antigens encountered by some newborn children, and it has been described as the main allergenic protein in cow's milk even when present at low concentration. OBJECTIVE Enzymatic hydrolysis has been identified to be a very effective way to reduce the sensitization of beta-lg compared to other(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effects of maternal passive smoking on the morphology and mineralization of dental hard tissue in offspring rats. DESIGN We have established a maternal passive smoking model. Offspring rats were sacrificed on the 20th day of gestation (E20) or the 3rd (D3) or 10th day (D10) after birth. We observed hard tissue morphology using(More)
The potato plantlets singly infected by PVA, PLRV, PVS, PVX and PVY and mix-infected by PVM, PVS and PVY were cultured on MS medium with different concentration of ribavirin. The effects of ribavirin on growth of the plantlets and efficiency of virus elimination were investigated. Results showed that the plant height and fresh weight obviously decreased(More)
To evaluate the absolute quantification of a target gene transcription in engineered lactic acid bacteria, we developed the Real-time RT-PCR based on DNA subtraction. We isolated the total RNA from the bacteria samples by glass bead, and then analyzed the Ct data of real-time RT-PCR by DNA subtraction assay. Using this method, we successfully estimated the(More)
Objective In this study, we investigated the adverse effects of dietary zearalenone (ZEA) (0.5 to 1.5 mg•kg-1 diet) on the localization and expression of the growth hormone receptor (GHR) in the uteri of post-weaning gilts and explored another mechanism of the reproductive toxicity of ZEA on piglets. Methods A total of forty healthy piglets (Duroc ×(More)
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