Lijian Zhou

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The feature dimension and redundancy can reduce the face recognition speed and rate, the shading and light changing can heavily affect the face recognition effect. So the first key to face recognition is how to effectively extract face features because the face image contains a lot of redundant information. Multi-wavelet transform has symmetry,(More)
The iris texture curve features play an important role in iris recognition. Although better performance in terms of recognition effectiveness can be attained using the recognition approach based on the wavelet transform, the iris curve singularity cannot be sparsely represented by wavelet coefficients. In view of the better approximation accuracy and sparse(More)
In this paper, we propose a new feature extraction approach for face recognition based on Curvelet transform and local binary pattern operator. The motivation of this approach is based on two observations. One is that Curvelet transform is a new anisotropic multi-resolution analysis tool, which can effectively represent image edge discontinuities; the other(More)
An approach of palmprint feature extraction based on the second frequency band curvelet coefficients is proposed in this paper. As we all know, the veins of the palm-print are the important factors to recognize the palmprint. Because curvelet transform can effectively presents the lines and curvilinear structure, we perform the curvelet transform to the(More)
With the increasingly extensive application of networking technology, security of network becomes significant than ever before. Encryption algorithm plays a key role in construction of a secure network system. However, the encryption algorithm implemented on resource-constrained device is difficult to achieve ideal performance. The issue of power(More)
The orientation of iris texture will influence the iris recognition rate and the 2 dimensional Gabor filters (2-D Gabor) has better selectivity in orientation and frequency, so the multi-scales and multi directions 2-D Gabor filters can be used to extract the iris features. But there are many shortcomings such as long extraction feature time and high(More)
With the increasing intellectual property (IP) abuse in System‑on‑a‑Chip design, watermarking technique is playing an important role for IP protection. In this paper, we combine watermarking methods at different levels to construct a hierarchical watermarking scheme for field programmable gate array (FPGA) IP protec‑ tion. We first embed the watermark into(More)
SUMMARY In this Letter, a new face recognition approach based on curvelets and local ternary patterns (LTP) is proposed. First, we observe that the curvelet transform is a new anisotropic multi-resolution transform and can efficiently represent edge discontinuities in face images, and that the LTP operator is one of the best texture descriptors in terms of(More)