Lijian Zhou

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With the increasingly extensive application of networking technology, security of network becomes significant than ever before. Encryption algorithm plays a key role in construction of a secure network system. However, the encryption algorithm implemented on resource-constrained device is difficult to achieve ideal performance. The issue of power(More)
In this paper, we propose a new feature extraction approach for face recognition based on Curvelet transform and local binary pattern operator. The motivation of this approach is based on two observations. One is that Curvelet transform is a new anisotropic multi-resolution analysis tool, which can effectively represent image edge discontinuities; the other(More)
SUMMARY In this Letter, a new face recognition approach based on curvelets and local ternary patterns (LTP) is proposed. First, we observe that the curvelet transform is a new anisotropic multi-resolution transform and can efficiently represent edge discontinuities in face images, and that the LTP operator is one of the best texture descriptors in terms of(More)
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