Lijian Wang

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of acute hyperinsulinemia and the resulting decrease in plasma free fatty acid (FFA) concentrations on intramuscular TG synthesis. MATERIALS/METHODS U-(13)C(16)-palmitate was infused for 3 h in anesthetized rabbits after overnight food deprivation. Arterial blood and leg muscle were sampled during the tracer infusion.(More)
Our goal was to assess the validity of the enrichments of plasma free palmitate and intramuscular (IM) fatty acid metabolites as precursors for calculating the IM triglyceride fractional synthetic rate. We infused U-¹³C₁₆-palmitate in anesthetized rabbits for 3 h and sampled adductor muscle of legs using both freeze-cut and cut-freeze approaches. We found(More)
OBJECTIVE The liver plays a central role in regulating fat metabolism; however, it is not clear how the liver distributes the synthesized triglycerides (TGs) to storage and to the plasma. MATERIALS AND METHODS We have measured the relative distribution of TGs produced in the liver to storage and the plasma by means of U-(13)C(16)-palmitate infusion in(More)
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