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In cases of multibunch operation in storage-ring colliders, serious long-range beam-beam effects could be due to many parasitic collisions that are localized inside interaction regions or/and distributed around the ring. To reduce the long-range beam-beam effects, the compensation of long-range beam-beam interaction with magnetic multipole correctors based(More)
Coherent beam-beam tune shift of unsymmetrical beam-beam interactions was studied experimentally and numerically in HERA, where the lepton beam has such a large beam-beam parameter (up to xi(y) = 0.272 ) that the single-particle motion is locally unstable at the origin (closed orbit). Unlike the symmetrical case of beam-beam interactions, the ratio of the(More)
In hadron colliders, electron-beam compensation of beam-beam tune spread has been explored for a reduction of beam-beam effects. In this paper, effects of the tune-spread compensation on beam-beam instabilities were studied with a self-consistent beam-beam simulation in model lattices of Tevatron and Large Hodron Collider. It was found that the reduction of(More)
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