Lihui Jin

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PURPOSE To investigate whether the three-dimensional cone-beam CT (CBCT) is clinically equivalent to the four-dimensional computed tomography (4DCT) maximum intensity projection (MIP) reconstructed images for internal target volume (ITV) localization in image-guided lung stereotactic radiotherapy. METHODS A ball-shaped polystyrene phantom with built-in(More)
spatiotemporal data model(STDM)are gradually becomes hot spots currently. As an application of STDM, the organization of real state spatiotemporal data has been paid more and more attention. The paper analyze the dynamic change of real estate data, puts forward an effective solution by adding time field to be able; and also propose a method which solve the(More)
A human being can perform many different movements to adapt to variable environment, all these skills are extraordinary feats of coordination and control. It is believed that they result from the human hierarchical motor control system. This system is a complex nonlinear system including highly integrated neural centers in the brain and the spinal cord,(More)
Coherent beam-beam tune shift of unsymmetrical beam-beam interactions was studied experimentally and numerically in HERA, where the lepton beam has such a large beam-beam parameter (up to xi(y) = 0.272 ) that the single-particle motion is locally unstable at the origin (closed orbit). Unlike the symmetrical case of beam-beam interactions, the ratio of the(More)
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