Lihua Teng

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In this paper, we develop a polynomial time algorithm to find out all the minilnum cyclic edge cutsets of a 3-regular graph, and therefore to determine the cyclic edge connectivity of a cubic graph. The algorithm is recursive, with complexity bounded by O(n31og2 n). The algorithm shows that the number of mini~um cyclic edge cut sets of a 3-regular graph G(More)
To determine whether lentinan could upregulate the expression of human-beta-defensin-2(HBD-2) in pulmonary epithelial cells (SPC-A-1), we stimulated pulmonary epithelial cells with lentinan and detected the expression of HBD-2mRNA by RT-PCR test. The results demonstrated that the expression of HBD-2mRNA in SPC-A-1 could be induced by lentinan in a(More)
A symmetrical digital photonic splitting switch with a low insertion loss and a low driving voltage is developed using carrier injection in a silicon-germanium material for optical communication systems and networks at a wavelength of 1.55 mum. The switch structure has been improved based on a traditional 1x2 Y-shaped configuration by using two widened(More)
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