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We compute the front speeds of the Kolmogorov-Petrovsky-Piskunov (KPP) re-active fronts in two prototypes of periodic incompressible flows (the cellular flows and the cat's eye flows). The computation is based on adaptive streamline diffusion methods for the advection-diffusion type principal eigenvalue problem associated with the KPP front speeds. In the(More)
This paper is concerned with the development and study of a stabilized finite volume method for the transient Stokes problem in two and three dimensions. The stabilization is based on two local Gauss integrals and is parameter-free. The analysis is based on a relationship between this new finite volume method and a stabilized finite element method using the(More)
INTRODUCTION Heparin-binding protein (HBP) is an antimicrobial protein stored in neutrophil granules and plays a role in endothelial permeability regulation. The aim was to assess the diagnostic and prognostic value of measuring HBP in patients with acute lung injury (ALI)/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). METHODS Plasma HBP was collected from(More)
We study the Kolmogorov-Petrovsky-Piskunov (KPP) minimal front speeds in spatially random shear flows in cylinders of various cross sections based on variational principle and an associated elliptic eigenvalue problem. We compare a standard finite element method and a two-scale finite element method in random front speed computations. The two-scale method(More)
Monodispersed magnetite (Fe3O4) particles were synthesized using a high-temperature hydrolysis reaction with the assistance of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) as capping ligands. These particles were composed of small primary nanocrystals and their sizes could be tuned from about 400 to about 800 nm by simply changing the EDTA or precursor(More)
Based on some coupled discretizations, a local computational scheme is proposed and analyzed in this paper for a class of higher order finite element eigenvalue approximations. Its efficiency is proven by theoretical and numerical evidences. It is shown that the solution of an eigenvalue problem in a higher order finite element space may be reduced to the(More)
This paper presents our work on developing parallel computational methods for two-phase flow on modern parallel computers, where techniques for linear solvers and nonlinear methods are studied and the standard and inexact Newton methods are investigated. A multi-stage preconditioner for two-phase flow is applied and advanced matrix processing strategies are(More)
Uniform dumbbell-like ZnO microcrystals had been successfully fabricated on a large scale via a facile solution technique under mild conditions. Obtained ZnO, with length of 1.2 to 1.6 μm and diameters of 350 to 600 nm, exhibited well-defined dumbbell-like morphology and hexagonal wurtzite structure and grew along the [001] direction. Effects of the(More)