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Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors currently form an important basis for developing novel drugs for diabetes treatment. In our preliminary tests, the ethyl acetate fraction of Phlomis tuberosa extracts showed significant α-glucosidase inhibitory activity (IC₅₀ = 100 μg/mL). In the present study, a combined method using Sepbox chromatography and thin-layer(More)
To improve the quality control specification of Perillae Fructus, the identification methods and assay were developed. Rosmarinic acid, luteolin and apigenin in the sample were identified by TLC. The content of rosmarinic acid was determined by HPLC. The linear calibration curve of rosmarinic acid was obtained in the ranges of 19.4-194.2 g x L(-1) (R2 =(More)
The identification of human body fluids or tissues through mRNA-based profiling is very useful for forensic investigations. Previous studies have shown mRNA biomarkers are effective to identify the origin of biological samples. In this study, we selected 16 tissue specific biomarkers to evaluate their specificities and sensitivities for human body fluids(More)
No effective method has been developed to distinguish sperm cells originating from different men in multi-suspect sexual assault cases. Here we combined MACS and FACS to isolate single donor sperm cells from forensic mixture samples including female vaginal epithelial cells and sperm cells from multiple contributors. Sperms from vaginal swab were isolated(More)
A sensitive and specific method for the determination of bifendate in human plasma was developed, based on high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)-mass spectrometry (MS). The samples were extracted from plasma with diethyl ether, followed by separation and evaporation after addition of internal standard diazepam. The residue was reconstituted in(More)
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