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OBJECTIVE To observe the therapeutic effects of different acupuncture methods for spastic hemiparalysis due to cerebrovascular disorders. METHODS 90 cases of spastic hemiparalysis after wind-stroke were randomly divided into a control group of 30 cases, a body acupuncture group of 30 cases and a point-penetrating acupuncture group of 30 cases. All the(More)
Male and female poplars (Populus cathayana Rehd.) respond differently to environmental stresses. However, little is known about sex-dependent responses to chilling at the proteome level. To better understand these differences, a comparative proteomics investigation combined with a biochemical approach was used in the current study. Three-month-old poplar(More)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) deal with information through interactions among neurons (or nodes), approximating the mapping between inputs and outputs based on nonlinear functional composition. They have the advantages of self-learning, self-organizing, and self-adapting. It is practical to use ANN technology to carry out hydrologic calculations. To(More)
There is increasing evidence confirming that dioecious plants have evolved a series of sex-related physiological mechanisms allowing acclimation to environmental stresses, but few studies have attempted to thoroughly uncover the potential molecular regulation underlying these responses. Recently, we found in the dioecious plant, Populus cathayana, that(More)
We consider the set Gn,k of graphs of order n with the chromatic number k ≥ 2. In this note, we prove that in Gn,k the Turán graph Tn,k has the maximal spectral radius; and Pn if k = 2, Cn if k = 3 and n is odd, C1 n−1 if k = 3 and n is even, K (l) k if k ≥ 4 has the minimal spectral radius. Thus we answer a problem raised by Cao [D.S. Cao, Index function(More)