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Type 2 diabetes, which is a complex metabolic disease influenced by genetic and environment, has become a worldwide problem. Previous published results focused on genetic components through genome-wide association studies that just interpret this disease to some extent. Recently, two research groups published metagenome-wide association studies (MGWAS)(More)
In this paper, the fractal dimensions are proposed for characterizing the optical fiber corrosion sensors, which is applied to measure the steel corrosion based on Fe-C alloy film. Because corrosion was a complex random phenomenon and the corrosion surface of Fe-C alloy film of the optical fiber corrosion sensor possessed fractal characteristics, the image(More)
In this paper, a split-ring resonator is loaded to a monopole antenna for the purpose of miniaturization. As a result, the monopole antenna is shortened from quarter wavelength to ninth wavelength. Then, a Non-Foster circuit is loaded to the input port of the SRR-based monopole antenna. Due to the negative capacitance characteristic, the Non-Foster circuit(More)
The stiffened rectangular plate was usually adopted in the blast airtight doors. In order to improve the buckling capacity of stiffened rectangular plate under uniform normal compression, the optimization model of stiffened rectangular plate was set up based on APDL and ANSYS commands, and the sequential linear programming method was executed to optimize(More)
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