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In this paper a method of image enhancement based on rough-set and genetic algorithm (GA) is developed.The application of rough-set on image enhancement is different from traditional methods. According to the class attribute of rough-set, we can divide the image into the marginal zone and non-marginal zone, and then enhance them separetely. In the process(More)
Immediate phenotypic variation and the lagged effect of evolutionary adaptation to climate change appear to be two key processes in tree responses to climate warming. This study examines these components in two types of growth models for predicting the 2010-2099 diameter growth change of four major boreal species Betula papyrifera, Pinus banksiana, Picea(More)
Small RNAs are essential for a variety of cellular functions. Argonaute (AGO) proteins are associated with all of the different classes of small RNAs, and are indispensable in small RNA-mediated regulatory pathways. AGO proteins have been identified in various types of stem cells in diverse species from plants and animals. This review article highlights(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) has been found responsible for the induction of proliferation and differentiation in granulosa cells. We constructed four short hairpin RNA (shRNA) expression plasmids targeting the mouse VEGFA gene, and examined their effect on VEGF expression in mouse granulosa cells (MGC) in vitro. Four different shRNA(More)
Cognitive evoked potential (CEP) is an important description of brain cognitive function. At present average CEP of several measurements is used to extract CEP. However, as the latency of CEP varies at a large area, averaging brings a serious distort of shape and amplitude. So, nonlinear dynamic extraction of CEP using one or a few trials has been widely(More)
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