Lihong Shi

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BACKGROUND The orphan nuclear receptor TR4 (human testicular receptor 4 or NR2C2) plays a pivotal role in a variety of biological and metabolic processes. With no known ligand and few known target genes, the mode of TR4 function was unclear. RESULTS We report the first genome-wide identification and characterization of TR4 in vivo binding. Using chromatin(More)
MOTIVATION Functional relationship networks, which summarize the probability of co-functionality between any two genes in the genome, could complement the reductionist focus of modern biology for understanding diverse biological processes in an organism. One major limitation of the current networks is that they are static, while one might expect functional(More)
MOTIVATION Modeling regulatory networks using expression data observed in a differentiation process may help identify context-specific interactions. The outcome of the current algorithms highly depends on the quality and quantity of a single time-course dataset, and the performance may be compromised for datasets with a limited number of samples. RESULTS(More)
We previously reported that TR2 and TR4 orphan nuclear receptors bind to direct repeat (DR) elements in the ε- and γ-globin promoters, and act as molecular anchors for the recruitment of epigenetic corepressors of the multifaceted DRED complex, thereby leading to ε- and γ-globin transcriptional repression during definitive erythropoiesis. Other than the ε-(More)
ASXL1 mutations are found in a spectrum of myeloid malignancies with poor prognosis. Recently, we reported that Asxl1(+/-) mice develop myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) or MDS and myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) overlapping diseases (MDS/MPN). Although defective erythroid maturation and anemia are associated with the prognosis of patients with MDS or(More)
Based on fuzzy control theory, a new method for 3- Degree-of-freedom (DOF) parallel robot control is presented in this paper. Take example for DELTA robot; input the established physical model in Pro/E into simulation software ADAMS to establish its mechanical system model by seamless interface software MECH/Pro, where DELTA robot can do kinematics and(More)
—Uncertainty is the intrinsic property of spatial data and one of important factors affecting the course of spatial data mining. There are diversiform forms for the essentiality and aspect of uncertainty in the spatial objects of geographic information system. Essentiality of uncertainty may consist of the components of randomicity, fuzzy, chaos, etc. And(More)
To capture both global stationarity and spatiotemporal non-stationarity, a novel mixed geographically and temporally weighted regression (MGTWR) model accounting for global and local effects in both space and time is presented. Since the constant and spatial-temporal varying coefficients could not be estimated in one step, a two-stage least squares(More)
The first intronic mutations in the intron 1 GATA site (int-1-GATA) of 5-aminolevulinate synthase 2 (ALAS2) have been identified in X-linked sideroblastic anemia (XLSA) pedigrees, strongly suggesting it could be causal mutations of XLSA. However, the function of this int-1-GATA site during in vivo development remains largely unknown. Here, we generated mice(More)