Lihong Shang

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Our laboratory found that the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) antagonist, MK-801, was able to decrease hyperoxia-induced lung damage. To further search for direct evidence of glutamate and its NMDARs participating in hyperoxia-induced lung injury, the amount of glutamate in the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and the expression of NMDAR 2D in lung tissue(More)
BACKGROUND Myocellular creatine, which is critically important for normal energy metabolism, increases in rat gastrocnemius muscle after starvation via unknown mechanisms. Creatine (Cr) uptake across plasma membranes is governed by a single, specific transporter (CrTr) that shares 50% amino acid sequence identity with GABA/choline/betaine transporters whose(More)
OBJECTIVE Adjunctive therapies that reduce the cerebral edema in bacterial meningitis include osmotic agents. There is a lack of information comparing mannitol vs. hypertonic saline as an osmotic agent for adjunctive therapy of bacterial meningitis. We attempted to elucidate the impact of hypertonic saline in cerebral edema in the setting of bacterial(More)
Aimed at the needs for scheduling real-time tasks in the environment of open real-time system and embedded system, a scheduling mechanism based on messages has been suggested and applied on the Xen virtual machine, and a Multi-Real-Time-Task model based on VCPU is established. Influence on the real-time scheduling is analyzed and solutions will be given.(More)
Domain-partition (DP) model is a general model for reliability maximization problem under given redundancy. In this paper, an improved DP model is used to formulate a reconfiguration computing based fault tolerant system which is self-repairable in case of failure, and is solved as a nonlinear planning problem. The assumptions made in previous work are(More)
Graphene-nanoparticle (NP) composites have shown potential in applications ranging from batteries to, more recently, tissue engineering. Graphene and NPs should be integrated into uniform free-standing structures for best results. However, to date, this has been achieved only in few examples; in most cases, graphene/NP powders lacking three-dimensional (3D)(More)
Based on the Ethernet and Bluetooth wireless technology, an improved Bluetooth Ad Hoc network structure, WBPAN(Wireless Bluetooth Personal Area Network) is proposed for the streaming media distribution. In WBPAN, each Bluetooth AP acts as the root of the Bluetree and connects with the nearby Bluetooth devices by the modified BlueTree formation algorithm. In(More)
With the development of science, remote data visualization is playing an increasingly important role. Meanwhile working on the road is becoming the life style of modern society. However, handicapped by the limits of the mobile embedded device and mass data to be visualized, the remote data visualization for mobile clients is still a big challenge. In this(More)