Lihong Liang

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  • Orie E. Barron, Donal Byard, +24 authors Jeff Wong
  • 2002
In this study we examine changes in the information conveyed by individual analysts’ earnings forecasts over time, with the focus being on the changes around earnings announcements. We use the forecast-based measures Barron, Kim, Lim, and Stevens (1998) suggest for measuring the precisions of analysts’ common and private information, which are based on the(More)
Cracks in welds are commonly viewed as fatal defects, which possibly cause incredible losses in industries. In this paper, a segmentation method is proposed base on double-thresholding and fuzzy sets theory. Results show that it can also be used in detection of other kinds of defects, and has advantages of simplicity and high efficiency, which are important(More)
In this study, we show that on average relatively pessimistic analysts tend to reveal their earnings forecasts later than other analysts. Further, we find this forecast timing effect explains a substantial proportion of the well-known decrease in consensus analyst forecast optimism over the forecast period prior to earnings announcements, which helps(More)
It has become an inevitable development that X-ray digital imaging detectors replace film-screen. The imaging quality of X-ray digital detector could not reach the level of film-screen due to its unique characteristics. It is the key that to research the method of improving and optimizing the digital imaging quality. The main factors to impact X-ray digital(More)
Many of visitors would be left stranded in the exhibition or traveling area, which might cause traffic jam and bring big pressure to organizer or operator. If the organizer can realize the number of visitor in every venues on time, then the visitors may be guided, and moreover should be provided with 'Personalized Tour Guide' according to their preferences.(More)
The fast continuous rotation scanning mode is suitable for situations when a higher scanning speed or a lower radiation dose is required for micro-CT. Under this scanning mode, the specimen rotates far beyond 2π, but not an integral multiple of 2π continuously while the detector collects projection images at a high frame frequency, which consequently(More)
This paper deals with irregular oblique derivative boundary value problems for nonlinear elliptic equations of second order. The uniformly elliptic equations of second order are reduced to elliptic complex systems of first order, and then the irregular oblique derivative problem for the equations of second order is transformed into the Riemman-Hilbert(More)