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A novel robust hybrid metaheuristic optimization approach, which can be considered as an improvement of the recently developed bat algorithm, is proposed to solve global numerical optimization problems. The improvement includes the addition of pitch adjustment operation in HS serving as a mutation operator during the process of the bat updating with the aim(More)
The information about DNA-binding sites of regulatory protein is important to understanding the regulatory network of DNA-protein interactions in the genome. In this report we integrated chromatin immunoprecipitation with DNA cloning to isolate genomic sites bound in vivo by heat shock factor HsfA1a in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plantlets were subjected to(More)
Recently, Gandomi and Alavi proposed a robust meta-heuristic optimization algorithm, called Krill Herd (KH), for global optimization. To improve the performance of the KH algorithm, harmony search (HS) is applied to mutate between krill during the process of krill updating instead of physical diffusion used in KH. A novel hybrid meta-heuristic optimization(More)
Recently, Gandomi and Alavi proposed a meta-heuristic optimization algorithm, called Krill Herd (KH). This paper introduces the chaos theory into the KH optimization process with the aim of accelerating its global convergence speed. Various chaotic maps are considered in the proposed chaotic KH (CKH) method to adjust the three main movements of the krill in(More)
Three-dimension path planning for uninhabited combat air vehicle (UCAV) is a complicated high-dimension optimization problem, which primarily centralizes on optimizing the flight route considering the different kinds of constrains under complicated battle field environments. A new hybrid metaheuristic differential evolution (DE) and cuckoo search (CS)(More)
Arabidopsis heat shock factor HsfA1a is present in a latent, monomeric state under normal conditions; its activation involves heat stress-induced trimerization, binding to heat shock element in target promoters, and the acquisition of transcriptional competence. HsfA1a is an important regulator for heat stress-induced gene expression and thermotolerance.(More)
As the usage and development of wireless sensor networks increases, problems related to these networks are becoming apparent. Dynamic deployment is one of the main topics that directly affects the performance of the wireless sensor networks. In this paper, biogeography-based optimization is applied to the dynamic deployment of static and mobile sensor(More)
A hybrid metaheuristic approach by hybridizing harmony search (HS) and firefly algorithm (FA), namely, HS/FA, is proposed to solve function optimization. In HS/FA, the exploration of HS and the exploitation of FA are fully exerted, so HS/FA has a faster convergence speed than HS and FA. Also, top fireflies scheme is introduced to reduce running time, and HS(More)
This study presents an improved krill herd (IKH) approach to solve global optimization problems. The main improvement pertains to the exchange of information between top krill during motion calculation process to generate better candidate solutions. Furthermore, the proposed IKH method uses a new Lévy flight distribution and elitism scheme to update the KH(More)