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Revelation of emerging exotic states of topological insulators (TIs) for future quantum computing applications relies on breaking time-reversal symmetry and opening a surface energy gap. Here, we report on the transport response of Bi2Te3 TI thin films in the presence of varying Cr dopants. By tracking the magnetoconductance (MC) in a low doping regime we(More)
Topological insulators, a new quantum state of matter, create exciting opportunities for studying topological quantum physics and for exploring spintronic applications due to their gapless helical metallic surface states. Here, we report the observation of weak anti-localization and quantum oscillations originated from surface states in Bi₂Se₂Te crystals.(More)
Two-ray model is the basic line-of-sight propagation model for radio-wave propagation. Fermat's principle of Geometrical optics theory shows that the optical ray path is the minimum distance, which can make the propagation problem of radio-wave into the optimization problem of path function. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) with the characteristic of(More)
Monodisperse single-crystalline α-cristobalite nanospheres have been synthesized by hydrocarbon-pyrolysis-induced carbon deposition on amorphous silica aerosol nanoparticles, devitrification of the coated silica at high temperature, and subsequent carbon removal by oxidation. The nanosphere size can be well controlled by tuning the size of the colloidal(More)
EAST, with full superconducting magnetic coils, has been designed and constructed to address the scientific and engineering issues under steady state operation. It has plasma facing components (PFCs) with the function of protecting the vacuum vessel, heating systems and diagnostic components from the plasma particles and heat loads, and also additional to(More)
Large area patterned boron nanocones with low turn-on electric field of 2.8 V microm(-1) and low threshold electric field of 3.8 V microm(-1) were synthesized by a pre-manipulation to pattern the catalyst with a grid template as mask. The good field emission performance of patterned boron nanocones arise from the decreased screening effect and a favorable(More)
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