Liheng Ma

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—For multi-channel SAR system, since the minimum antenna area constraint is eliminated, wide swath and high resolution SAR image can be achieved. However, compared to mono-channel SAR system, there exist many deleterious factors in multi-channel SAR system which significantly degrade the quality of SAR image. In this paper, all the deleterious factors in(More)
Crab cavities have been proposed for a wide number of accelerators and interest in crab cavities has recently increased after the successful operation of a pair of crab cavities in KEK-B. In particular crab cavities are required for both the ILC and CLIC linear colliders for bunch alignment. Consideration of bunch structure and size constraints favour a 3.9(More)
The International Linear Collider (ILC) has a 14 mrad crossing angle in order to aid extraction of spent bunches. As a result of the bunch shape at the interaction point, this crossing angle at the collision causes a large luminosity loss which can be recovered by rotating the bunches prior to collision using a crab cavity. The ILC baseline crab cavity is a(More)
Star sensor is beyond dispute the most accuracy absolute attitude determination sensor and it is widely used in deep space exploring and earth observing. Star image spots captured in the image sensor of the star sensor will elongate when it is under high dynamic conditions especially the rotation motion resulting in the blurred star images. The motion(More)
The beam delivery system for the linear collider focuses beams to nanometer sizes at its interaction point, collimates the beam halo to provide acceptable background in the detector and has a provision for state-of-the art beam instru-mentation in order to reach the ILCs physics goals. This paper describes the design details and status of the baseline(More)
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